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Classic CCS Mukluk Thinsulate insulated with 1/2" foam sewn in insole. Water resistant 1000 denier cordura Bottoms  supplex uppers for excellent breathability. Shoe soling bottoms with waterprrof rand.

For best sizing results measure your running shoes or thick socks from heel to toe.

  • Small - shoe length < 10 1/4"
  • Medium - shoe length < 11 1/4"
  • Large - shoe length < 12 3/4"
  • X-Large - shoe length < 13 1/2"


Since 1981, our mukluks have changed the way folks feel about winter. To have really warm feet for the first time is certainly a change for the better! These mukluks are strong, durable, lightweight, toasty warm and packable. We use 2 layers of 200 gram Thinsulate with a 1/2" thick closed cell foam insole sewn into the bottom. This closed cell foam insulation on the bottom of your foot is unable to be degraded by moisture. Thinsulate insulation provides warmth without bulk, and absorbs very little moisture. Thinsulate will absorb over 13 times less moisture into the insulation pound for pound than 100% wool felt and CCS Mukluks are far easier to dry in the woods than any felt insulated system.

When ski camping you are in ski boots all day and you need to put on your insulating layer after the day ski. Whatever the footwear is, it is at outside temperature and your foot has to warm it up before it can insulate you from the cold. CCS mukluks are able to warm to your foot temperature quickly and able to insulate the foot quickly because of their extremely light weight. (It always will require more energy to warm more weight regardless of insulating values.) CCS mukluks are made to be able to be worn over cross country ski boots or running shoes, (CCS recommends a simple cloth bag to slip over the shoe before inserting it into the mukluk. This makes it much easier to get the shoe in and out of the mukluk as well as provide a vapor barrier, and a wear layer.) The upper inner and outer layers use supplex nylon on the uppers with coated Cordura nylon lowers.

Speedy lacing system is quick and adjustable with 2 cord locks on the main lace. The foot can be tighter than the calf section this way. A separate top draw cord and cord lock keep out snow if you post hole over the top.

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