Winter T Octagon

Winter T Octagon
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Designed for the winter camping enthusiast who is tired of man hauling heavy canvas tents. Made from 1.1 oz Silicone Coated Ripstop Nylon with double stitched seams. Unique snow pockets all around the base and at the bottom of the door. These pockets are like a snow flap only the pockets are filled with snow and seal to the ground, to keep all drafts out. Front door has a horizontal section at the top of the door that can be open for venting.

The equal sided octagon footprint, with center pole, allows for the more interior headroom compared to other winter structures, with plenty of space to sleep four. Tall enough door to enter easily and stand up fully.  Door pole is offset out from the front door for ease of entry.  The Winter T Octagon  has a 30” knee wall all around , allowing all the floor space to be usable. Stove jack comes ready for a 3” stove pipe.  The Tent can stuff down into our multi stage stuff sack  to a 7 ½” diameter by 9 “ long.  Also included are the two aluminum nesting poles with Stuff sack.  Our reflective cord is tied off to all knee wall corners and to front door opening.  Stock color is white with Red door.  Total weight including poles is 6 lbs.

Special order product. Expect 4-8 weeks for delivery.
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Base Price $1,100.00